What I think motorsport will be like in next few years.

Posted by Gillard17 on January 10, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Just thought i'd write a blog about what i think motorsport will be like in next few years. Its all my opinions, and don't mean to start arguments. . Its not perfect english for this. Also it gets random and has naughty words in it. Enjoy reading!

So what will motorsport be like? Well a lot of younger people ain't aiming for F1 anymore for many reasons. 1 is money!, another one is its not all about talent anymore. And also they are going TURBOS! in a F1 car! Really? also In the 80s etc it was all about the stop watch. If you were quick you'd get a free drive for sure. Now these days you'd be lucky to get a free drive! Seems like only very few f1 drivers have one. And same for endurance racing.

So where do these kids aim for since f1 has turned crap. Well their is LMP1, GT1 etc! So that means more money coming into the endurance/sportscar racing side. Will that bring back free drives? I think it might. Seems like Porsche, bmw, audi etc have a lot of factory drivers. Yet not in single seaters. Their might be only a handfull in GP2! Years ago their was a good few. Even in karting their was lots! not maybe only one per factory team.

Another thing is great drivers who has great talent cant get anywhere because of no money!! I find that annoying seeing awesome drivers in F3, GP2 etc going no where. I know how it feels as im in same situation. I win championships and many other irish karters have and we get nowhere.

Also another thing is i think their will be NO f1 in few years. People love f1 for the screaming V8s! now we'll have stupid turbos. I read somewhere that Merecedes have spent the same amount of money on developing the turbo engine as they could have spent 7 YEARS running the V8s!! MUCH cheaper to run V8s! Yet FIA want to make f1 cheaper? Do they use their brains? NO they dont. Up their ***** idiots. People will stop watching f1 which means manufactures will pull out and FIA cant go back to V8s as that means Ferrari, Merecedes etc would have wasted millions of euro. Which FIA can't pay back. So this could ruin F1 for ever.

Also FIA being in charge of WEC scares me. They brought in F2 = FAIL, F3 = fail, this eletric single seater thing will FAIL, GT1 failed, GT3 2012 fail, etc. So FIA has destroyed lots. So im hoping they piss off and leave ACO to stay in control of Le Mans.

If you follow DTM, V8 supercar etc you probably noticed its better than FIA racing. You dont see V8 supercars going V6 turbos do you ? no. DTM has attracted BMW and maybe more to come in a few years ( although i hope it stays german manufactures only ) . Even SGT is great! Their as quick as Petrol LMP1s at Fuji! maybe a bit too quick?


told you this was going to get random. Basically what i think is their will be no f1, people will go sportscar racing, more money in sportcar racing = free drives.


once again im not trying start arguements, Thanks for reading 

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